Bonsai on International level

Our visit to World famous Japanese Bonsai Garden

John Naka is the Great Grand Master of Bonsai.According to John Naka teaching Bonsai is like trying to preach to Buddha.John Naka says,”Bonsai is not the result that comes after, your enjoyment is what is important; It must have philosophy,botany,artistry,human quality behind it to be a bonsai”

The bonsai is not you working on the tree; you have to have the tree work on you, and Leave room for the birds to fly through the branches of your bonsai

Naka’s masterpiece Goshin is on display at the United States National Arboretum.

Source: Wikipedia

Omiya Village of Bonsai

Here entire village of Saitmama is of Bonsai gardens, it is a great treat to eyes to visit. Here you can watch the video created by Bonsai Empire.

Omiya Bonsai Village

My recent visit to Omiya Bonsai Art Museum was a life time experience and going through the museum and watching master pieces is a fantastic experience. Here are some of the photos of Bonsai Gardens


Aichi-en Bonsai Nursery at Nagoya

Aichi en Bonsai nursery beautiful Bonsai nursery with large collection of pine trees.Mr.junichiro Tanaka is the 4th generation Bonsai master. He is having a good creations of decidious trees also. We can see here his great grandfather’s creations also. Mr.Tanaka is known for having many international apprentice students, who came here to learn Bonsai art. He is very skilled Bonsai master

Bonsai gardens in Japan at Takamastu Kanashi Bonsai village. It is also having most trees in large scale and are exported to other countries. Here we visited two big Bonsai nurseries.

Both Bonsai masters are very creative with their creastions having lots of experience that can be seen in their Bonsai plants. Here we experienced Japanese hospitality and the way they treat guest with respect is never forgotten in life.

Mr.Kunio Kobayashi’s Bonsai museum Shunkaen Bonsai Museum at Tokyo is one of the famous Bonsai Museums in Tokyo. Mr.Kunio Kobayashi is many times national and international award winner.His museum showcases Bonsai art in new way like beauty and serenity of nature can be seen here. He teaches Bonsai art in traditional way, like with mixing with him and learning the art is a unique experience.