Customer Emails

Hi again - okay, perfect! Thank you again so much for going out of your way to help, you have no idea how many online florists I had called before coming across your website. None of them had any bonsai, even though their websites said they did.  It is going to be a very pleasant surprise for my Mom.
Best regards and thank you!
I just wanted to say thank you very much one more time! You really did go out of your way to make things perfect and I do appreciate that. I also wanted to request that if you ever happen to have a bonsai plant (or more than one) that you think my Mom would like, please keep me in mind and let me know, since I would like to continue sending her these plants; maybe twice a year....

Prasanna D, Dellas

Hello Miss Shailaja,
Thanks for your note. I look forward to your notes via email.
Thanks & Best Regards, Vikram Ghorpade, Mumbai

Dear Krishnaji,
THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR YOUR MAIL. Now I am having here Baniyan tree in a bonsai form and also Lemon tree but they have been put in a cement pot and not in the ceramic pot which is commonly used in Bonsai. I don't know anything about Bonsai. I have to learn right from alphabet A. Normally grown fruit plants are Plum, Pomogrenate, Gauva, Lichi and about flower I don't have much idea Looking forward to your response.

Vinaya Raj, Dedhradun

Dear Shailaja Mam
Thanks for urs information, I will start creating bonsai from today itself.

Rina, Lucknow

hi its amarjeet
thanx for responding yah i am having a bongain villea plant in a pot from the last 10 years
a pomgranate tree of 6 yrs of 5ft height but not in pot can i start with them if i start by replanting a plant 1month old what are the chances do i go straightaway with the smaller pot of bonsai or i have to plent it first in a bigger pot
what is the size of an ideal bonsai pot hope to get a positive reply
thanx again

Dear Krishnaji,
Thank you very much for your mail. One thing I can make out from this mail is that you have LOTS OF PATIENCE, and that one thing which I should cultivate. Thank you very much for the explanation, within 2-3 days i will get back to you Krishnaji. Please give me 3 days time. Wonderful explanation you have given to all my doubts Krishnaji. Once
again thank you for giving me so much inspiration.


Dear Kapilaas, Thank you for replying. I live in Tasmania. Regards Liz