Ecofriendly Ganesha

More than as a business, we venture as an exercise of discovering various facets of Mother Nature. Since its inception, Kapilaas Creations conducts Eco-friendly Ganesha workshop annually to bring awareness about the environment by making Lord Ganesha idols with Clay, Shadu maati, Flour, Organic colours, Vegetables and other earthy materials. After the paying the Obeisance to the lord, he is submerged in indoor water container instead of Rivers or Seas to avoid water pollution. This water later is used to water plants that explain the Main motto of Kapilaas Creations – What Nature has given to us, we are giving it back to the Nature. Awarded Eco-friendly Ganesha award and Interviewed on Air by Radio Mirchi for a One-Hour Programme. A statement was given by Shailaja Kapila on Eco-friendly Ganesha – “What Nature has given to us, we are giving it back to the Nature” had been regularly broadcasted throughout that day by Radio Mirchi Channel.!!-mrs.-shailaja-kapila-%28individual%29/