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Welcome to the bonsai section. Bonsai is ancient art form, which originated in China. From China it travelled to Japan with the buddist monks. It was in Japan that the art finally received its ultimate glory. The monks propogated the art throughout Japan and in due course of time, the japanese developed the art more than the chinese ever did. Bonsai is an art of great patience and wonderful rewards. The art has gained great following in the recent time due to the reduction in greenery in the cites. Through Bonsai people hope to nuture and enjoy the finest part of the mother nature in their balconies and terraces.

Here we proudly present before you some of our finest bonsai plants. The plants shown here are just a part of our large bonsai collection. We feel great pride in pointing out that we have the largest bonsai collection in the Pimpri-Chinchwad area.

We also provide training material for Bonsai for Bonsai Enthusiasts.We have a complete stock of training material for the hobbysists as well as the serious pursuer of the Bonsai art. We also conduct training classes in the art of Bonsai for interested students for a nominal fee.

Please refer to our catalogue for a complete list of bonsai material on sale.

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Every occassion can now be made a occassion to remember with our flower decorations. We specialize in making custom flower decorations for any occassion. We also stock material required for the flower decorations.

To view the complete listing of materials on sale please check our catalogue.

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