Kusamono making classes

The art of Bonsai Accent plants called Kusamono

Kusamono are a potted collection of plants designed to either be viewed in accompaniment with Bonsai plants or alone. Now a day’s Kusamono has become separate and it is been viewed as a plant or grass in beautiful pots of different shapes. Here sometimes pot enhances the beauty of kusamono. Shitakusa is also displayed along with Bonsai plants .in these days Kusamono and shitakusa artists making beautiful plants with their creativity.

KoKedama Bonsai

Kokedama Bonsai is a mass ball holding the plant, it is a variation of Bonsai in Japan. It’s becoming very popular because of its beauty and low maintenance. Now this art is propagating expeditiously by all Bonsai lovers all over the world. We teach and conduct Kokedama Bonsai workshops.

Kokedama of Japan

Aqua Bonsai

Aqua Bonsai is Bonsai  plants growing in water, the growing medium of the plants is water and the pots are may be Glass Jar ,glass bottle . Here the plants grow healthily and training of the plant is just like other bonsai plants which are growing in the soil , the main training is by cutting and pruning. fertilization is with regular liquid fertalizers.

Aqua Bonsai is Latest Bonsai Art.


Bonsai Mural Making Class

Bonsai Mural is like vertical gardening or the plants fixed in a frame to give a beautiful live plants wall hanging. The wall mural is can be created with small bushy plants or hanging varieties .


Suiseki is appreciating the natural shape of a stone. These stones are also called as viewing stones, means you are viewing the stone in your perfection. These stones are called Chinese scholastic rocks. These are specially collected stones from rivers , oceans, and land . They are not only stones they resemble a shape of human beings, animals, birds, mountains.

Some of the international suiseki Links




Wire in Bonsai

Wire Bonsai is made with wire of different gauges ,  the finished wire Bonsai looks like a real Bonsai in it shape. These are of small  !.5 inches in size to maximum 3.5 inches, they can be made in any style like Formal upright , informal upright style, rock grown Bonsai . Weeping style. The tiny sized pots are also made in my Bonsai studio. The creation of wire Bonsai is an art of its won with lots of imagination and creation.

Fairy gardens Classes
These fairy gardens are really fairy gardens of imaginative. They can be made in a  tray or a broken pot or a container . It is the garden of your dreams, here you can use small tiny furniture, water fall, small hut or house, animals ,pebbles, no end to your expressiveness.

Terrarium is a  enclosed indoor garden, consists of usually small place and made of glass so that we can display our collection of plants. It is a garden under glass, is a self-contained environment producing its own climate.  The plants are of low maintenance . Most often, a terrarium is about the size of a home aquarium, and the two are often made of the same materials. Instead of keeping exotic fish, however, the owner of a terrarium keeps interesting plants . Closed terrariums acts as a Earth surface where every thing is provided by the nature. The light energy provided by the sun helps the plants in food preparation and release of oxygen and water vapor. The water vapor goes up and stays on wall of the jar.

Bottle Gardens Demonstration.

Bottle garden is container garden , a plastic water bottle can be used. In these gardens water usage is minimal .No wastage of water. I got an opportunity to demonstrate about Bottle gardening during on The world water day at Tata motors company . There was an exhibition for displaying our bottle gardens .

Floating  Bonsai – Latest in Bonsai

Floating Bonsai, is the Bonsai Plant floats in air with a magnetic field images from google

The link is here to watch ,It is created by Hoshinchu Air Bonsai Garden.



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